Xiaomi to Launch Mi Band 3 on 27th September : Price and Specifications.

Xioami’s is known for its good budget-friendly fitness bands such as Mi Band, Mi Band 2. Now Xiaomi is about to launch their new Activity tracker which is far better than its previous successor Mi Band 2. The smart band is named Mi Band 3 and we can assure you its a lot greater than its previous bands.


Mi Band 3 design-build has also improved. It now has a ridge alongside its tracker for a better grip with its strap. So, the tracker won’t come out as easily as Mi Band 2. The strap material is as same as its previous band series. So, the overall design is great.


The smart band featured a 0.78 OLED ”Touchscreen” Display which was not present in Mi Band 2. Although it’s a single point touch, it’s still great. It supports a 128×80 pixel resolution with ”193ppi” pixel density which is a pretty sharp screen for a fitness band. The band is also IP67 certified rating means it is water resistant up to 5ATM, which means you can walk in rain, swimming without worrying about your fitness band being damaged. The Display has come with a button which looks better than Mi Band 2 but with a touchscreen display which is pretty lit.


Mi Band 3 has the same feature as Mi Band 2 including measuring of steps, Optical Heart Rate Monitor and measure calories burned. As we know they are same as Mi Band 2 so now we will talk about what are the features which make the Mi Band 3 better than Mi Band 2

Improvements over Mi Band 2:

As we know it can monitor the heart rate manually in both bands but now in Mi Band 3, you can set it automatically at a ”Specific Time” by the app called ”Mi-Fit” and for other more features. You can also see in the app, that shows how long you were in a relaxed state or how long were you doing an intensive workout.

  • The battery which is provided is also far more than Mi Band 2 which is 110mah comparing to 70mah in Mi Band 2. Xiaomi claims that it can go about 20 Days in a full single charge.
  • Now you can see your phone’s notification in your Mi Band 3 which was not present in Mi Band 2.
  • You can silent your smartphones incoming calls through your Mi Band 3.
  • You can also change the ”Watch Face” of your Mi Band 3 into 3 different themes.
  • In the ”Mi-Fit” app, you can check all your data such a the steps you have walked, calories burnt etc.
  • You can also see your sleep data details such as the amount of your Deep Sleep, the amount of your Light Sleep or the amount of time in which you were awake in the middle of the night, which is pretty good.

Release and Price:

As for the release date, there are rumors that say the Mi Band 3 can be expected to be launch on 27 September and if you don’t want to wait or if the band does not launch in India you can also buy the Band from the GearBest.com their product is good and the reviews are good too. Although you will get the product in the Chinese language, you can change it in the English Language so that’s not a problem at all.

And as far as the pricing is concerned, The Mi Band 3 price is expected to be around at Rs. 1,999.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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