These Are Probably the Funniest Airport Welcome Signs Ever

These Are Probably the Funniest Airport Welcome Signs Ever: It is always a beautiful situation when you arrive back home after a long flight and find your loved ones waiting for you at the airport. The welcoming faces with smiles waiting for you at the airport take away all the fatigue and tiredness. The persons waiting there welcome you with welcome boards with lovely welcome messages written on them. But, some persons are born to create embarrassing and funny situations to always troll others. We have listed some of the most awkward and funniest welcome signs and messages that you will never want to face any on your arrival at the airport.

Latin Lover

You had been on a business trip to Latin America leaving your husband behind. Your husband cracked on a joke that you will find a Latin American lover on your trip while you were leaving for your trip. What happens next is at the airport that your husband is welcoming you with his bright charming face full of smile, but with a twist, you find him with a welcome message on the board. It takes his previous joke to another level and says I know you are pregnant now from your so-called Latin lover and he accepts it and will still you even more. He is holding that board right in front of you. OMG LOL.

Military Lingo

This is about a lady who is waiting for her military man’s husband at the airport with a welcome board sign that is written in military terms. The women show that he is his wife and also have the tactics of the wife of military men who know the military language very well. The message is clear that although he is on vacation at home away from military forces still he has tasks to do at home for his wife and family.

Back to Work

Now this one is a very sweet and adorable message. And the message is from a baby for his father who has just arrived from a long trip. The boards state that oh father, even if I took great care of mommy behind you still it was very hard to do so and now so you are back so you have to take care of her again as it is too hard to do so. The message is very lovely.

Embarrassing Parents

Some parents love their children so much but still do not hesitate to show their love by creating some embarrassing moments. The one is we have here, parents are waiting for their son at the airport. Son is quite anxious to see his parents after a long time, but what he sees is his parents holding his picture with a weird expression and another board stating his childhood nickname with a welcome gesture.

Potty Humor

If you do not know what an Imodium is then you would not understand what the airport welcome message sign means. Imodium is a kind of medicine that is given to a person when he or she is suffering from severe diarrhea. So a girl is back from a long flight and her family and friends are welcoming her with a message Sarah, here is your Imodium that you asked for. For sure, you will never want your friends and family to welcome you with this message at the airport.

Orphans in need of parents

Well, this is quite obvious these days that the elderly couples go on vacation to a foreign destination leaving their children alone at home if they are adults. Here, siblings have been alone for long as their parents were on a long trip. They are welcoming their parents asking them to adopt them as they were orphans after they have gone for the trip.

Obviously they are not orphans and are lucky enough to get their parents. The parents are the luckiest actually as they have their children welcoming them at the airport.


When you have just landed at the airport and you have a great time talking to a beautiful girl all-time on the flight. All through the good exchange during the flight, its time to exchange the phone numbers now. But what is this, your sister is waiting for you with a welcome sign. But the problem is this, you were back from rehab after being addicted and the welcome message clearly states Congratulations after being back from rehab. So, it is sure now that you will not get the number of beautiful girls.

Berating your friend

We all have such a friend who is so close to us that even blunt and rude remarks from him or he would not hurt the friendship bond. The sign this woman is holding is for her friend who is arriving at the airport after a trip. The message is such that it will be unbearable to handle for her friend. But still, as they have such a strong bond that the friend will laugh at her after showing anger for a short time.

Laundry Time

This message is very rude and cute too. Children are waiting for their mom at the airport. They have a welcome sign which states hey mom you trip is over now so you have a long list of jobs to do at home and get started now to take care of all of your responsibilities again.

This message is from the children but it is no doubt the motivation came from the father himself only.

First Meetings

Army personnel has to stay away from their families for long. The situation arises that even when the wife is pregnant or is to deliver the baby, the husband is not present there. So, after the delivery whenever they come back home they meet their babies for the first time. This message is for the same situation. The father is back from his army service and the welcome message is from the newborn. The scene is quite emotional as the newborn and father meet for the first time and that too with a lovely welcome message from the sweet baby.

All We Want for Christmas

We all have our companions without them every special event is not special unless and until they are with us. A boy and girl are waiting for their friends at the airport and Christmas are just arriving after some days and the message states that Wanted for Christmas which reminds us of the Christmas song (All I Want For Christmas Is You).

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