Some Unknown Facts That Can Change the Way You Look at the Amish

Some Unknown Facts That Can Change the Way You Look at the Amish: Technology has become part and parcel of our life. We cannot imagine our lives without technology and electronic gadgets. It is hard to spend a day without our smartphones or laptops but there is a corner in the United States which is happy without relying much on such things. The name of this community is Amish, they migrated to the United States back in the early 18th century.

They are the people who are following their old traditions and customs even now since then. There are so many rumors and misconceptions about them. After reading our article on the Amish community, you will be surprised and amazed to know the interesting facts about them. Amish people are different from us in the following ways:


Amish people make sure that the advancement of technology does harm their individual and social lives. They take care not to use such technology which saves their time and escapes them from hard work. The time thus saved by technology in our lives is wasted by us on negative and useless activities which could harm our social lives and relations. They do not neglect the benefits of technology but use the techniques which can prove beneficial to them economically and socially as well.

Facial Hair:

Since they migrated to the United States, they have preserved their traditions and customs. Amish people follow an age-old tradition which is long beards. In the 18th century, Military persons and army men used to wear mustaches and beards. So Amish people, in order to differentiate themselves from military men, started wearing long beards but without mustaches. Although military men have stopped wearing mustaches and beards, they still follow the age-old tradition.

The Outsiders and language 

Amish people are different and they call all the persons outside of their community as English no matter which community you belong to. This is so because in America they are also Americans so they cannot call others as Americans, thereby everyone outside of their community is called English by them.

The main reason behind this is that, when they migrated to America, all the locals would speak English, which they do not. Although now they have learned English and could speak and understand it very well, they still call all outsiders as English. Amish people speak Pennsylvania Dutch which is a slight variation of Dutch or may be called an easily modified version of the Dutch language.

Faceless Dolls

Amish people are quite careful about their behavior and their effects on others. The main distinction, they have kept is that their children play with dolls without faces. The idea behind this is that a doll that reminds a child of a living person like us can be prettier or ugly than others. So, in order not to inculcate the idea of the outer beauty of a person in a child, this culture is quite thoughtful. Despite outer beauty, there is inner beauty that matters the most for Amish People.

The Amish way of Child Education 

Amish people used to send their children to American public schools the same as all other Americans but after the 1950s, with the progression and advancement of technology, Amish people started teaching their kids at home or started their own Amish schools. It is hard to find an Amish student in an American Public school now.

Healthy Lifestyle 

Amish people are among the healthiest persons on the planet. They rarely get sick and this is due to their healthy lifestyle. Amish people are not dependent on technology to make their work easy they do physical hard work which keeps them fit naturally. Moreover, they refrain from drinking or smoking which keeps them away from all kinds of deadly diseases like cancer or heart and kidney failure. The Amish grow their foods in their own farms in organic farming methods, so it is not surprising to see them healthy always.

Amish Music 

Amish people are quite simple and believe in humility. They do not allow singing and music in public as not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.  They perform music in mass and during public functions to celebrate their culture and traditions. Amish people are not so advanced in music but rely on traditional music that has passed from generations. But they are the ones in the modern world who have still preserved old classical music which cannot be heard anywhere in the world.

Amish Weddings

Amish people do not believe in arrange marriages they allow their youngsters to find a partner of their choice. But that too is a quite conservative and strict way of finding a life partner. They can propose to a girl only after having a conservation with their family members. Also, Amish weddings are quite simple and inexpensive, they do not follow the Christian methods of exchange of rings between the couple and no expensive clothes are used. The bride does not wear makeup.

Amish Banking

Amish Community is growing day by day and so is the demand to serve their economic needs. A Bank is one to serve such services, Bank of Bird in Hand is the first of its kind bank of the modern Amish Banking System.

Date Night

You would wonder if Amish young people go on date nights like us. But they do as they arrange marriages are not allowed and the young people have to find a partner by themselves only. They go on dates which are called sings. During a sing, Amish girls and boys sit on a large table with girls on one side of the table and boys on the other. Then they sing the traditional popular songs. They also gather around as couples like us but only during a sing.

Traditional Food 

Amish people do not have movie theaters but the celebrate obviously eating food in a group. Amish people are fond of eating they celebrate their occasions with a variety of traditional Amish dishes.


Amish lifestyle is not easy and is quite demanding and Amish people know and understand this very well. Amish children when they turn 16 are allowed to explore the world and lifestyle across the communities. This is done so as they could make a choice which suits them regarding whether to follow their own community or any other. The word Rumspringa is the word which in Amish language means to jump around. So, this is the way they make a choice through Rumspringa.

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