Mi Event Is Going To Be Held On 27th September

Good news for Xiaomi followers, the company has sent out a media invites for an event in Bengaluru, where it is stated to launch a lot of new products. Xiaomi running the teaser pages using the tagline ”Smart Living” on the social media in which Xiaomi gives hint toward its products that will be launch on 27th September. As the name implied, the company try to expand their smart products portfolio in India by various items.


The event is going to held be on 27 September and the company is launching the variety of products including Mi Band 3, Smart tv, and lots more. In the social media, the company hints at four icons also mentioning that there are about to be 4+ products which they are going to launch.

Xiaomi also featured a GIF in the media which shows 5 icons which are going to be launch at the Event, from which mostly we can easily guess which are following:




  • The ‘Eye’ icon represents the launch of a 360-degree capture of the Mi Home Smart Camera.
  • The supposed ‘Air’ icon represents the Mi Air Purifier.
  • The ‘Popcorn’ icon represents the launch of Smart TV as an Entertainment.
  • The ‘Heart’ icon represents the Mi Band 3 for heart rate monitoring.

There is also a 5th icon which is a ”GPS” icon, but we can’t be sure what it could be, so let’s just leave it to that and wait for this mysterious product but you can also help us find that product by commenting below in comment section.

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