How a 13 Year Old Fulfill His Dream By Building A Tiny House

How a 13 Year Old Fulfill His Dream By Building A House: This 13-year boy named Luke Thill wanted to do something big in his spare time. Unlike us, who always waited for summer break, this boy began thinking about his dream with the help of the internet. He moved forward to indulge in a mind-blowing project that not many adults, let alone kids, could complete. Readout complete to find out this interesting story.

Chapter-1- The Beginning

Luke Thill, with the help of Youtube discovered videos in DIY section on how to build your tiny house. Obviously, he needed money for this project and he did everything he could do to arrange that. He did whatever odd job he could find like mowing lawns or cleaning garages. And when his neighbors got to know about his idea, they all got excited and helped him.

As Luke was cleaning garages, he was able to keep a lot of the stuff he found. The owners were more than happy to let him take their unused junk.

Luke Phill Little House

Extra Shift to Save Money

There were things that he had to take care of. He needed an electrician for wiring his house. Instead of paying an electrician with the cash he earned doing mowing lawns or cleaning garages, he paid with his time. He worked around the house of an electrician who in turn helped him do the wiring in his tiny house. Luke started posting things on his website and in a matter of no time, he had a ton of followers of his own. Later on, he got interviewed by a local reporter and he was getting popular with each passing minute. His story was picked up by both local and national news channels.

Building His Dream

Once he has earned enough money (a whopping $1500), he began building his dream and he was only an eighth-grader. Though he has faced many hurdles, but the main obstacle was indoor plumbing. Luke tried to come up with all kinds of ideas to get the pipes working, but ultimately he made the decision to go inside his family’s house. He would have to use their plumbing until he’s ready to move his house from their backyard.

Ready, Set, Go

Luke’s summer project quickly became a winter project and he was growing restless. The tiny house wasn’t completed but he chose to take the house for its first test. It was snowy and freezing outside the first night he slept in his tiny house, but he was surprised at just how comfortable it was, despite his hard work ensuring it was well insulated. Luke’s tiny house is just that – tiny! But don’t let its size fool you. This little home comes with its own kitchen and bedroom as well as an area for lounging and eating.


Luke isn’t the only one in his family with his DIY tiny house. Through his hard work and persistence, he’s inspired his older brother to start his own project. Just like Luke, Cole had to raise his own funds for his project, but instead of building a tiny house, he was a bit more mobile – a teardrop camper to be exact. Note: It’s completely on a true story

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